Sox, lies and verruca types

Blimey, according to WordPress there’s been quite a few visits to this blog lately. And many have stumbled upon this site from all manner of searches on Google, according to the stats.

Apologies to those of you who, according to WordPress, typed in the following searches into Google and didn’t find all you were looking for on this blog:

verruca socks stigma
flattering wetsuit pix
why wear socks?
verruca size when should I worry
the most dangerous shark in the world 
triathlon guy wetsuit 
wetsuits fetish boys 
boys wearing socks outside 
men wearing latex
what to do in shark attack
swim naked sexy
how to swim front crawl
people wearing verruca socks
naturist swims
fat boys swimming 
rubber triathlon man
white boys in sexy white sox
how to get out of swimming classes
latex socks fetish is it wrong

and many other such searches too weird to mention.

Anyway I hope everyone gets something from this blog. Mostly the children battling Neuroblastoma, who urgently need the funds I’m hoping to raise for Families Against Neuroblastoma. So however you stumbled upon this page, please take just a minute to donate all you can with this secure site:


Ben x

OK, for all those of you that are appear to enjoy them so much, here’s another picture of some latex socks:

latex socks


Dive in & comment:

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