Do sharks like Jewish food? Surely nobody does, really?

And another thing I’m not happy about, are reports of man-eating sharks off the South Coast.

Why now? Apparently, the Oceanic Whitetip is the most dangerous shark in the world & it was drawn to Cornish seas by higher water temperatures.

Great: so before I had to worry about the Solent being cold. Now I have to worry about it being too hot too.

Too scared to type in ‘Solent’ & ‘shark’ into Google. Please don’t all tell me what comes up if you do.

Have been googling what to do in the event of a shark attack though. And the two different opinions on the web are punch them on the nose, or poke them in the eye. Not very reassuring. Both are a bit too near the mouth for my liking. ( I wish the advice was to kick the shark in the c**** or grab their g******s ) And I’m not sure that in the event of a fight between me and a man-eating shark, I’d have the opportunity to land two blows.

So, if anyone does genuinely know, please comment and let me know which is the best to go for: eye poke? nose punch? distract them with a tin of tuna?


Ben. x


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